Does my dentist accept my Bento Group Access Plan?

Access Plan members can go to any in-network dentists with Bento. When using the app to find a dentist, simply toggle the Only Show Bento Dentists switch under Find a Dentist. This will provide you a full list of in-network Bento dentists in your area.

Or go to to look for an in-network dentist near you.
If you already go to a dentist that is not in-network, the app also allows you to refer them to Bento. Hit the Refer This Dentist button and Bento will give that dentist a call. As Access Plans cannot be used with any out-of-network dentist, you will need to either wait till your dentist becomes in-network or switch to one of our many in-network dentists.

If you request your dentist be contacted to become in-network, they will contacted within three business days. Although we cannot guarantee participation, we will always make our best effort to bring a provider in network for members.

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