What if a member's payment fails?

  • Bento takes getting payments to our providers seriously. The following process is followed should an unsuccessful payment occur:

  • Communication 1 - Immediately after unsuccessful payment (member is notified and given 48 hours to update payment method in app or with dentist).
  • Communication 2 - 48 hours after unsuccessful payment (Bento patient account status is immediately inactive and notification is sent to Dentists for awareness)
  • Communication 3 - 7 days reminder to rectify if nothing has been updated 
  • Communication 4 - Net 30:  Warning Communication
  • Communication 5 - Net 60:  Warning of information passed to collections
  • Communication 6 - Net 90:  Final Warning of information being passed to collections
  • All applicable patient information is passed to Dentist (SSN, DOB, Address Warning Attempts etc.)
  • Once collection agency is involved patient credit score will be significantly damaged.

Bento does not immediately pursue formal collections to give the office a chance to solve an issues before resorting to such measures.

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