Do my family members also need to download the app?

We recommend that all members 19 and older in your family download the App for the best experience, however it is not required to use your Membership. You can access the IDs of your family members directly from the “View Family” in the digital membership card in the Bento Dental App. 

The HOH on a plan can enable spouse access to dependent information by:

In the Bento Dental App...

1. Go to "View Family"

2. Select the spouse

3. Tap "Edit"

4. Tap "Enable Dependent Access"

5. Tap "Done"

Note: The dental information of dependents 19 and older is not accessible to the Head of Household.

Don't have a smartphone? You will be emailed your Bento ID card on the first day of coverage. 

Lost the email? Request another card via your HealthShare/DentalShare's webpage, and scroll down to "Request Digital ID Card." 

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