How does Bento pay out claims?

The Bento platform pays all claims via Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) from the benefit owners financial institution directly to the provider that has rendered dental services.

All claims run through Bento’s HIPPA compliant AI-powered adjudication process in order to protect plan participants and benefit owners from over billing or billing errors.

Upon successful integrity check of each claim, Bento will proceed in facilitating the transaction between the benefit owner and the dental service provider. The adjudication process any payment happen in real-time and is instantly reviewed by a Bento staff member upon any unsuccessful integrity check.

If plan owners decide to setup a new bank account for dental claims, Bento recommends that at least two months worth of dental premiums are funded into the account. Most financial institutions allow owners to set an alert in case the balance goes below a certain threshold which is a helpful feature in using a new account for dental claims.

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